Emir Medic

Styling Artist
Hamburg // Duesseldorf // Cologne //Dortmund
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Emir Medic is a Fashion Designer, Costume Designer and Stylist.
He was born in (1986) in Doboj, Bosnien and Herzigowina, which he and his parents left, at the age of 7, immigrating to Hagen, Germany . After completing his apprenticeship as a Technical Clothing Assistant, he subsequently went on to study fashion design at Hochschule Niederrhein, following which he earned his degree in Fashion and Communications Design at the Design Department Academy in Düsseldorf, Germany. During his studies he completed several design-internships, among others at Bernhard Willhelm in Paris.

Since 2014 he has been cooperating with many theatres as the Head Costume Designer. His work features in several productions such as “Bluebeard - Hope of Women“, “Istanbul“, “Bang Bang die drei Dollar Oper“ and a new „Träum weiter“ written by Nesrin Şamdereli directed by Selen Kara Kindermann, project by Alexander M. Giesches “Torture the Artist“. Opera debut "Hänsel and Gretel" and Franz Kafkas "America" directed by Alexander Riemenschneider. Currently Emir is back working with the director A. Riemenschneider in the new Oper Production of Mozarts “die Entführung aus dem Serail “ at Theater Bremen.

Furthermore, in 2015 he started working with the renowned 21 Agency as a stylist on several projects.

In April 2016 he presented his collection “Putnik 16/17“ at the Sarajevo Fashion week, where he was invited as a special guest. For his collection „Dazzle 17" he worked with 3D designer Caroline Hauff from Berlin in which they created a specially designed 3D textile print, which he presented at the 2016 Fashion Week in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Following the success of his “Dazzle“ collection, Emir went on to introduce his “Infinite 17/18“ collection the following year at the Fashion Week. In December 2018 Emir was awarded Designer of the year by the SNL magazine in Sarajevo and in April 2018 he opened the 40th Sarajevo fashion week with his new collection “GenerationZ 18“.


Armin Morbach, Claudia Diaz, Dome Darko, Ahirov Martic, Lisa Jureczko, Sascha Wolters, Adrian Abel, Samiragrafie, Baris Sabic, Celine Yasmin, Hakki Topcu,

Advertising / Fashion

Esprit, S Oliver, Henkel, Schwarzkopf, Syoss, Warsteiner,

Editorials / Magazine

Cake Magazine, HUF Magazine, Grazia, Bello Magazine, Cool UK Magazine, Solis Magazine, SNL Magazine, Feroce Magazine,

Events / Shows

Helene Fischer Show, Handwerkskammer Dortmund, Fashion Week Sarajevo,

Video / TV

Helene Fischer Show, Dance Dance Dance, Warsteiner

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